With only two days of school this week- it is a perfect time to wrap up football! Students will be playing Bronco ball during PE.  It is a game much like ultimate frisbee. Students will be divided into two teams, they will be allowed to run with the football when they are touched they must throw the football to a teammate who has not caught the ball yet.  Once they  make it down the court, they score a point for their team.  It is a high energy game, that takes all members of the team to be involved!!  We did a lead up game called 5 passes last week to prepare us for game play and for moving to get open.  It should be a great time!

Kindergarten we will continue with our listening skills, building up our cardiorespiratory system, recognizing how movement impacts our heart and moving through space without collisions!!  (I call it “keeping our eyes on the road”) We will also be working on our letter names during our active games, hoping to help them make the letter names concrete in their  brains, and help them get one step closer to reading!!

First grade will be working on throwing and catching skills, we will put those two skills into action in active tag games.  I have been using music to cue them when to “play catch” and when to chase their partner! THEY ARE DOING GREAT!!  I really want to get throwing with opposition down, so they have the skill to use all year-long in all of the different activities that we will be doing! 

TWO DAYS of SCHOOL- enjoy the extra family time!!!


Secret word TUESDAY!

Muscular Strength is our new secret word!   Muscular Strength is one of the components of fitness PE Explorers will be learning about and building this quarter/year!

Today when they come they must do a push-up to demonstrate muscular strength!!  Remind them to keep their fingers pointing forward, thumbs below their shoulders, tummy tight, bottom flat and feet together.  They must lower themselves to a 90 degree angle at the elbow!  

The first 5 students earn a cool bag  that states- If you can dream it you can do it!”  Watch to see who makes it to Mrs. Adams first in the morning!!

Week 5 September 26-30

We had 6 winners on the secret word last week!   Craig, Joe, Dustin, Isabell, Emiley, and Tanner all earned a bookmark and a bag of POPCORN!!!  Way to go BLOG FOLLOWERS!!

Week 5 we are applying our football throwing skills in a variety of activities.  We will be playing the game of 500 the first PE day and playing an active game called 5 Passes the second day.   In the game of 500 students earn points for catching the football, catching it after one bounce or collecting the ball.  It is a fun game that integrates math into movement activities!

The second day we will do a throwing game where teams are trying to complete 5 receptions in a row.  The activity is a great one for building teamwork and applying strategies of game play. 

Kinder and first will work on throwing skills, and apply those skills to stationary targets, while working on spacial awareness.




Be sure to have your student(s) come by and tell me the secret word on FRIDAY to receive their prize!!  I will be on duty by the cafeteria/buses Friday morning!!  If they miss me there they can catch me by the end of the day FRIDAY!! 

The secret word expires at 3:30 FRIDAY!! 

PE EXPLORER OF THE WEEK PAGE be sure to check it out and see who has been excelling during PE time!

THANK YOU PTO Moms and Dads for always doing such amazing things for the students at Lewis and Clark!

Calling all volunteers!! We are in need of individuals to give a little of their time to help students learn their letters, letter sounds and site words!  It is a very simple thing that can change the life of a child!  SO please consider becoming a volunteer at Lewis and Clark!! Grandmas, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Moms, Dads are welcome to talk to Mr. Pahlas about becoming a school volunteer!! 


Week 4 Activities

The SECRET word has changed!!!  We had two winners Monday morning- photos to come! They earned a gatorade!! Any student coming in Tuesday morning will earn a bookmarkl!  

A new secret word has been set!!  Stay tuned- you never know when it might pop up!! Click the orange tab on the corner to “follow the blog”, and be the first to receive emails when the blog is updated!

Week 4 we will be continuing throwing and catching footballs, as well as, the introduction to the handoff.  Students will be applying the skills in a football activity in their second PE class this week! 

5th grade students will be taking the Five for Life Pre-Test during their computer special this week! A huge thank you to our amazing computer teacher Mrs. Snow for always helping out with the PEP Grant requirements! In a couple of months, the 5th grade students will then take the Post-Test.  Between now and then we will be covering a lot of information about the human body and the 5 components of fitness! 

All grade levels will be learning about the components of fitness, their importance and activities to improve each!  We cover the content while we are working on basic fundamental movements and skill development!  It makes learning the content easier and a lot of fun!

Two new bones will be introduced this week STERNUM and RIBS!

One new muscle was added- DELTOID!

Week 4 Fitness

If you are reading this your child/children are winners!!  SEND THEM TO ME  when they come to school and have them tell me this secret word- “fitness“!!  When they do they earn a PRIZE!!!   Tell them they can not share the secret word with anyone!

THANKS FOR TUNING in to what is happening in your childs PE classroom!  Be sure to follow the blog by hitting the orange tab on the upper right corner of the page!!  I APPRECIATE your support!