Week 2 Fall Testing!

Starting our second full week back to school you will find the Explorers wrapping up fitness testing!  We were able to accomplish a lot in our first week, some classes have even completed testing!  I am so proud of our Explorers!  They have all came to PE ready to listen, learn and follow instructions perfectly!!  All classes have been weighed and measured and have ran the PACER test.  Grades 2-5 also completed the curl-up (sit-up) test.  2-3 grades were able to get through the sit and reach test and the push-up test!  So as you can see we are near completion!  

Here is a brief description for each of the tests:



Sit and Reach– Hamstring flexibility, sitting with legs straight in front of them they will reach as far as they can without bending their knees.

Push-ups– Muscular strength (for most students), keeping a straight line between their heels and upper back they go down so their arms are at a 90 degree angle, then back up.  This test is done to exhaustion, which could be a pause or putting a knee or any part of their body on the ground.

Curl-ups– Muscular endurance (for most students), they start on their back with their hands on their shoulders.  They curl up touching their elbows to their quadriceps while keeping their hands on their shoulders.  They have a partner holding their feet in place.  This is a 1 min test.

Pacer test– Cardiorespiratory endurance, this is a progressive running test that gets harder as the time increases.  The running speed starts at a slow jog and gradually speeds up to a run over the course of the test.


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