Week 3 September 12-16

Week 3 in PE!! 

Introduction of two bones: Cranium (skull) and the mandible (upper jaw)!  Quiz the kids at home to see if they can tell you these two bones!  Be careful they may start quizzing you on the bones :)!!

We will be working on the proper throwing motion, throwing with opposition.  The que I use to help them remember is “same arm same foot back”.  Once they master starting from this position, I then take it to starting with feet together and stepping with opposition to make the throw.  We will use a variety of balls to review this motion and for the primary grades introduce this motion.  We will quickly move into throwing FOOTBALLS!! 

We are fortunate to have a variety of footballs.  They range in size and textures and softness.  From the standard football that most are accustom to seeing, to others that are soft with a gripping texture to them to make it easy for all abilities to catch.  Ensuring that all students feel successful regardless of ability, like or dislike for football, is a MAJOR focus all year-long!  BUILDING CONFIDENCE THROUGH MOVEMENT!!

Our unit will be football over the next few weeks.  I know flag football is starting so getting the kids a little confidence in some football moves will be a goal!!

Kindergarten we will continue to work on moving in space without collision and working on listen for ques to stop, listen, and change activities.  I will be introducing basic tag games, locomotor movements and animal walks! 

First grade we may have a class or two that needs to complete their fitness testing, so will be sure to get that done this week as well!

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