Week 4 Activities

The SECRET word has changed!!!  We had two winners Monday morning- photos to come! They earned a gatorade!! Any student coming in Tuesday morning will earn a bookmarkl!  

A new secret word has been set!!  Stay tuned- you never know when it might pop up!! Click the orange tab on the corner to “follow the blog”, and be the first to receive emails when the blog is updated!

Week 4 we will be continuing throwing and catching footballs, as well as, the introduction to the handoff.  Students will be applying the skills in a football activity in their second PE class this week! 

5th grade students will be taking the Five for Life Pre-Test during their computer special this week! A huge thank you to our amazing computer teacher Mrs. Snow for always helping out with the PEP Grant requirements! In a couple of months, the 5th grade students will then take the Post-Test.  Between now and then we will be covering a lot of information about the human body and the 5 components of fitness! 

All grade levels will be learning about the components of fitness, their importance and activities to improve each!  We cover the content while we are working on basic fundamental movements and skill development!  It makes learning the content easier and a lot of fun!

Two new bones will be introduced this week STERNUM and RIBS!

One new muscle was added- DELTOID!


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