With only two days of school this week- it is a perfect time to wrap up football! Students will be playing Bronco ball during PE.  It is a game much like ultimate frisbee. Students will be divided into two teams, they will be allowed to run with the football when they are touched they must throw the football to a teammate who has not caught the ball yet.  Once they  make it down the court, they score a point for their team.  It is a high energy game, that takes all members of the team to be involved!!  We did a lead up game called 5 passes last week to prepare us for game play and for moving to get open.  It should be a great time!

Kindergarten we will continue with our listening skills, building up our cardiorespiratory system, recognizing how movement impacts our heart and moving through space without collisions!!  (I call it “keeping our eyes on the road”) We will also be working on our letter names during our active games, hoping to help them make the letter names concrete in their  brains, and help them get one step closer to reading!!

First grade will be working on throwing and catching skills, we will put those two skills into action in active tag games.  I have been using music to cue them when to “play catch” and when to chase their partner! THEY ARE DOING GREAT!!  I really want to get throwing with opposition down, so they have the skill to use all year-long in all of the different activities that we will be doing! 

TWO DAYS of SCHOOL- enjoy the extra family time!!!


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