Family Nutrition & Fitness Night

November 8th from 5:30-7:00 Lewis and Clark will be hosting Family Nutrition and Fitness Night

The night is designed to bring parents & children together to learn why we need a variety of fruits and vegetables in our diet and to sample a few different fruits and veggies!!

The fitness portion of the night will be a simple circuit that students will teach their parents. A way for students to teach their parents what they know about functional equipment and how to use it safely!

Come prepared for a little workout parents and students!!!

If you would like to volunteer at Nutrition and Fitness Night that would be fantastic, but really I want it to be a night for parents to enjoy an evening with their children learning together!

Fresh fruit and vegetables will be served in tiny sample size portions.

Donations from farmers is welcome!!!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Student uses muscle learned in PE in classroom WRITING PROMPT

I challenged all classes to use the muscles and bones in their writing, and I had one student take me up on it!  Joe C. this month used sternocleidomastoid in his writing prompt!!  I AM SO PROUD OF YOU JOE!!  Joe earned his own page on the BLOG!!! 


Mrs. Kuntz AM class worked on the alphabet with Ms. Allamaras’s 5th graders while using the SCOOTERS!!  Adding motion to learning makes it fun, and you get a workout!!  CHECK out the photos below of all the smiling faces!

Mrs. Kuntz PM class was able to climb on the rockwall for the first time and did a SUPER job!  Climbing on the wall requires muscular strength and endurance, as well as, problem solving skills!!   It was a joy to watch them make each move of  their hands and feet!

All classes are getting time on the rockwall and scooters.  Bone tag on scooters is a great way to work those leg muscles and to practice the bones we have learned so far this year!

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It is great to have requests from students who are following the blog for a secret word!  SO –  the first students who come to me and tell me the secret word earn their name on my door as a winner and a little prize….. surprise prize !!

This week the secret word is actually an answer to the following question 

“WHY DOES THE BODY NEED FAT” the response is the

SECRET WORD:  (Choose any of the answers)


Any of the bold words can be given to earn a prize!!

Wednesday Fire Safety at Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark Explorers were fortunate to have special guests Wednesday for a fire safety presentation.  I asked a 4th grade student what he took away from the presentation here are a few of his comments.  “I learned that a fire can start quite easily and from things like a microwave.  I learned that a fire can take off quickly and become very dangerous.  I also learned to check the door for warmth before opening it, if it is warm to use the window.  And to go to a family meeting spot outside of the house if there is a fire.” 
Luis took a lot away from the fire prevention presentation. I was impressed by how he spoke of the facts from the presentation, I could tell that it had made an impact on him.  THANKS LUIS for your thoughts!! 

Students not only enjoyed the fire fighters in the building for  presentation, but they also go to interact with the fire fighters outside during lunch recess!  Games of crazy four square, two on one basketball, and a tough match up of tether ball!!  I will say that I think that the fire fighter may have under estimated a third grade girlie!!!  WAY TO GO EMILEY!! 

BELOW are some photos of the kids playing and having conversations with our special CALDWELL GUESTS!!  THANKS FOR your time and thank you for all you do for our community!! 

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WEEK 7-  Muscle Building Circuit

AN 8 station circuit focusing on Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance and Cardiorespiratory Endurance- 3 of our COMPONENTS OF FITNESS!

Stations include: push-up mats, step box step ups, dumbbell squats, step box lateral jumps, step box push ups, jump rope, suitcase lunge, and step box straddle jack.

Students will spend a short amount of time at each station, working on technique at some and getting their heart rates elevated at others! 

5th grade will be doing their first activity log at the end of the week!  Students will keep track of their activity over a three-day period, two school days and one weekend day.  They will then record their data into the computer system rather than submitting a paper copy!  I am real excited about the computer activity log, it is much easier for the students to understand and submit their data!!!

kindergarten we will be working on introducing functional equipment, like the step boxes and locomotor movements.

All grades will be doing the work out…. so far the kids have really done well!  I look forward to the rest of the week to see the kids performance!