Wednesday Fire Safety at Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark Explorers were fortunate to have special guests Wednesday for a fire safety presentation.  I asked a 4th grade student what he took away from the presentation here are a few of his comments.  “I learned that a fire can start quite easily and from things like a microwave.  I learned that a fire can take off quickly and become very dangerous.  I also learned to check the door for warmth before opening it, if it is warm to use the window.  And to go to a family meeting spot outside of the house if there is a fire.” 
Luis took a lot away from the fire prevention presentation. I was impressed by how he spoke of the facts from the presentation, I could tell that it had made an impact on him.  THANKS LUIS for your thoughts!! 

Students not only enjoyed the fire fighters in the building for  presentation, but they also go to interact with the fire fighters outside during lunch recess!  Games of crazy four square, two on one basketball, and a tough match up of tether ball!!  I will say that I think that the fire fighter may have under estimated a third grade girlie!!!  WAY TO GO EMILEY!! 

BELOW are some photos of the kids playing and having conversations with our special CALDWELL GUESTS!!  THANKS FOR your time and thank you for all you do for our community!! 

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