Meeting the standards!

State Standard 3-5 5.1.2
Work independently and cooperatively in groups to complete tasks and challenges. (team building challenges)

Today after fitness testing the classes had the opportunity to participate in “Alien Invasion”. The activity is designed around the basis of teamwork and sportsmanship. Students work together as a team to build their “alien pod” by assembling 6 hula hoops into a pretty cool design! They protect their pod and try to travel out to try to knock other team’s down using proper throwing form. If the pod is knocked down they call their team back, work together to complete a muscular strength activity together and then REBUILD!

It has been exciting to hear the students help each other out, problem solve and most importantly WORK TOGETHER showing kindness and respect!

The following pictures are of a third grade class building their pods! Go Mrs. Wingo’s class!


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