Spell it, climb it, shoot it, jump it, hold it….REACH FOR IT!!

Stations today as we finish up our fitness testing!
1. Push-up spelling: using grade level spelling sheets, students held themselves in plank position (push-up position), choosing scrabble tiles to spell their words!:)

2. Jump ropes to get the heart beating and blood a pumping!
3. Shooting hoops: students were allowed to shoot as many shots as possible while remaining in the “key”.
4. Rockwall obstacle course: athletes used their muscular strength and endurance to traverse(climb across)the wall while going through fun noodle obstacles.
5. Sit and reach test: athletes took the opportunity to log their fitness score for the flexibility test. Using a green sit and reach box, athletes took off their shoes, sat with their feet flat against the box, keeping their knees down, slid the measuring devise with their hands together down the box as far as possible.
6. AB work out on the mats! Using poly spots with a variety of abdominal exercises on them, students performed the workout on the mats provided:) feel the burn!!

A series of photos follow of all the stations and students hard at work!!
Here is to a great week here at Lewis & Clark!!


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