Lewis & Clark welcomed US Paralympian Austin Pruitt on Wendesday, September 19th. He is 18 years old and makes his home in Spokane, Washington. Austin was born with cerebral palsy. He races in a custom designed racing chair. Austin recently returned from the Paralympic Games in London. He raced for the US in the 100 and 200 meter sprints. He was 5 one thousandths of a second from bringing home a BRONZE medal for the US in the 200! He did not qualify to compete in his best event, the 400, but we look forward to seeing him compete in the 2016 games in RIO for redemption!!
Austin spoke with the students about over-coming obstacles and never giving up on their dreams. His personal story made it very clear that no matter what cards you are dealt you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
After his presentation, we took to the playground for a little racing. In two separate events he raced 1st-3rd graders and then 4th-5th graders! It was apparent that he was built for speed. The energy on the playground was amazing, putting on quite a show. We sincerely want to thank Austin for flying down to visit with us. We look to future visits and will be watching for all the amazing things he will be accomplishing in his future! Thanks to Sherry Adams for organizing this fun event. GO TEAM USA!”


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