Promoting active families is a constant goal of all PE teachers!

I have a challenge for you….
I have a school bulletin board waiting for your active family photos! Any electronic pictures will be posted to our PE blog!

I have challenged students to bring in at least one active family photo, BUT I also challenged them to bring in 5 pictures that represent the 5 components of fitness

1) cardiorespiratory endurance- any activity that makes your blood get a pumpin!
2) muscular strength- any activity that takes a lot of strength
3) muscular endurance- any activity that is repetitive or for an extended time
4) flexibility- stretching or any activity that requires range of motion around a joint
5) body composition- making good choices…eating healthy

All 5 photos earns them a POWERADE or Gatorade!! One photo earns them a huge star sticker!

Printed pictures will be posted on the wall in hall by gym, emailed pictures will be posted on our PE blog!

Good luck!! Get active families!


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