Bone Collector!

Bone Collector!.


Bone Collector!

During Explorer PE this week we are Bone Collectors! Students will be working as a team to collect 18 bones to label their skeleton. The team must work down an activity course to collect the bone and then returns to the team skeleton. Team work and communication are a must in order for the groups to be successful!! They are communicating down the gym, asking what bone they need to collect! It was awesome hearing them use the bone names over and over during the activity!

The gallery of photos shows the progression through the bone strengthing activities! The Gallery is not in order- but if you read the following and enjoy the photos you will see the different stages!
1)Bear Crawl to Bicep Curls
2)Bicep Curls
3)Crab walk to scooter
4)Scooter to sit up mat
5)Give partner doing sit-ups a high five
6)Take over doing sit-ups, the other student then be a BONE COLLECTOR grab a bone the team needs and ride the scooter back to the little cone
7)once at the little cone- they run back to the skelton- and this allows the individual doing bicep curls to stop and crab walk to the scooter

I added a second scooter for large classes of 25 or more- this keeps the activity moving and more bones getting collected!
Smaller classes do not need two scooters- they are pretty busy trying to do each station- at times they may actually have a scooter waiting, which means they bear crawl out, skip bicep curls and go right to crab walk and hop on the scooter! Modify as you need!!

THE KIDS HAD SO MUCH FUN! At the end of the lesson- the teams worked together to label the skeleton- I have a skeleton hanging on the wall for them to refer to!

Email me if you have any questions!!