Jump Rope!!!!

We busted out the jump ropes this week! After 5 days away from our routine of school with the activity/play on our recesses and PE class we were needing to jump start our cardio! Each student worked on day one of reminding the body of what it takes to have continued jumps, and how mental power plays a huge roll in jumping. Our bodies feel the effects of jumping right away, and then mental toughness kicks in….wanting to stop, but not giving in to that little voice was a major focus!! All of the students were ROCKSTARS! Jumping and jumping!

Skills will be our next few class periods and then combining those skills with a partner and music, students will have the opportunity to create a jump rope routine!!!

Students love the freedom to be creative with movement. I look forward to what they will create in the coming weeks:)

Be watching for photos to come:)


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