Family fun!

Oh Mrs. Ayers had a beautiful idea! Bundle the family, grab some hot chocolate and take a winter wonderland walk of downtown Caldwell to see the spectacular lights! Enjoy the wonder in your child’s eyes as the lights twinkle!! What a fun and glorious time!!

Family outings can be simple, it is about being together and CREATING memories!!!

Play a board game, play a card game, color with them, or bust out the box of Legos and have a build off!! The simple things are the things that our kids really enjoy! Email me photos of your family adventures for me to post on our blog!!!!


Fourth and fifth grade advice:

Math facts!! Be sure to work on all those numbers, multiplication facts are such an integral part of success in math, so please have your child work on their facts over break!!!

Reading of course too please!
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Second Grade Advice:

Over break please have your child read to continue to strengthen his or her reading fluency!

Be sure to have your child bring home their library book, or head down to our local public library to check out the selection available there!!

Happy reading for ALL GRADES over break!!!!
Thank you second grade teachers!!

Try this have your child read for 30 minutes and then have them exercise for 30 minutes then Read for 30 and exercise for thirty!! Strengthen the body and the brain together!!!