Snowballs are a flying!

In the gym snowballs are a flying! At school snow can NEVER BE THROWN, safety rule, BUT IN THE GYM IT IS ANOTHER STORY! We are having a snowball fight in honor of our tiny bit is Sunday snow! Our goal is level four intensity, enjoyment of our classmates, working on all 5 components of fitness, and good ol’ fashioned F-U-N!!!!
5 colored snowballs out, each color is a different component of fitness:
Orange snowballs represent Muscular Endurance(Maddy): bench sit-ups students
Blue snowballs represent Flexibility (Flexy): knee to chest
Red snowballs represent Cardiorespiratory Endurance: (Cardio kid) inch worm jumps
Green snowballs represent Muscular Strength(Max): plank hold flip

The dreaded Yellow snowball represents Body Composition: (B.C.) all four activities!

Joy and laughter as snow blasts happen every where!!


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