What is your PROOF??

What evidence do you have? How can you prove that you just completed a CARDIORESPIRATORY ENDURANCE activity?

This has been our focus for our lesson 1-5 this week. In the classroom,students have been using the academic language for solving and proving how they have come to their answers for math problems. I wanted to create a way for the terms to apply to other aspects of their lives, to help make the terms a little more concrete in the students’ mind.

So after completing their 3 jogging laps for warm-ups, I asked these questions “what evidence do you have right now?” “What proof do you have?” “How can you prove that you just completed a cardio activity?”.

They put their hands to their chests and felt their hearts pounding, their breath rate more rapid and the sweat beginning to form on their foreheads! THEY IDENTIFIED THEIR EVIDENCE…AND PROVED they had just completed a cardio activity!!

They rocked it! WAY TO GO EXPLORERS!!!

We also applied the questions to the other components of fitness…. Check out the photos!!







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