Empire Strikes Back

Last lesson was Return of the Jedi….today we are following up with The Empire Strikes Back!

The Jedi are now in their fighter pods launching their light saber balls at the dark side as the dark side clone troopers try to collect supplies. If the dark side clone troopers are hit, they go to the Jedi stations to become stronger in the Force of goodness!

Students today are being asked to make predictions based upon the content and language objectives and the physical difference in how the gym is set up!

Students are using their prior knowledge, the objectives and the floor layout to PREDICT how the game will be played! The students then tell their prediction to a partner, if they predict correctly they have the choice of starting the game as a dark side clone trooper or in a fighter pod as a Jedi!!






Content and Language objectives for Return of the Jedi!

The CONTENT OBJECTIVE (C.O.) is the WHAT of the lesson and the LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE (L.O.)is the HOW of the lesson.

What the lesson is about and how we are going to accomplish our WHAT!!

Man was today a lot of fun!