Here at Lewis and Clark we love to hear stories of our students being active outside of school hours! WAHOOZ FIT FOR FUN is a way of rewarding this behavior!

Students will all be given an activity log… a paper with a picture on it! The students will be asked to do 30 minutes of activity to fill in a star on the activity log. After all of the stars have been filled in, the student returns the completed page to MRS. ADAMS by December 6th, 2013.

I compile the list of students, mail it away and after the NEW YEAR-2014, a FREE WAHOOZ PASS WILL COME FOR THE STUDENT.

The pass includes- $5.00 game card, and UNLIMITED LASER TAG, MAX FLIGHT, BOWLING AND KIDDIE COVE! If 10 students in a class return the completed form, then the teacher earns a free pass too!

BE encouraging your child to be active at home- mow the grass, rake the leaves, ride their bike or scooter, walk the dog, shoot hoops or kick the soccer ball around the front yard, or even count that time they are on the soccer field!




Respiration Relay

res·pi·ra·tion (r s p -r sh n). n. 1. a. The act or process of inhaling and exhaling

This week students have been simulating this process with the use of PE equipment. The equipment represents different parts of the process and the students have the opportunity to become a specific part of the process.

Students are broken into groups of 3. One student begins at a cone (lungs). They sit on a scooter (red blood cell) and pretend to be an oxygen. The other two students in the group are at the mat (muscle). One partner is doing sit ups, replicating a muscle working, the other partner is holding their feet, the oxygen needed to perform the task. The red blood cell arrives with the oxygen and a simple rotation occurs within the muscle. The oxygen becomes the foot holder, the previous foot holder becomes the working muscle and the working muscle is now carbon dioxide on the scooter returning to the lungs. Once at the lungs we talk about exhaling. The student does 5 jumping jacks and then sets out back to the working muscle.

The first 3-5 minutes we are simulating a muscle working as the body is taking a walk in the park, level 2 intensity. The students all agree that it was easy to do keep complete the activity and the oxygen was able to keep up with the muscles demands.

The next 5-8 minutes we simulate a muscle working as the body is jogging in the park, level 3 intensity. The muscle is doing the sit ups faster and the oxygen and carbon dioxide are expected to also work faster, as the heart is beating faster and the oxygen demand is higher. Students informed me it was much more difficult to keep up with the muscles demands but they could do it.

The last 8-10 minutes we simulated a muscle working as the body was doing the PACER test during PE, level 4 intensity. The muscle now had to do a plank hold, while the foot holder had to do high knees jog in place. The oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange had to do 15 jumping jacks now, creating a longer time between exchanges at the muscle. ALL students said keeping up with the oxygen demand at the muscle was extremely difficult. You could actually hear the muscles calling out to their peers, “HURRY, HURRY”!!

We discussed each scenario and how what they experienced was what the muscle experiences at each intensity level. It was fun to watch them grasp that they were re-enacting what was actually happening in their own bodies at the very moment we were discussing it!


Oxygen traveling in the blood

Oxygen traveling in the blood

Oxygen arriving at the working muscle

Oxygen arriving at the working muscle

The exchange within the muscle- oxygen and carbon dioxide

The exchange within the muscle- oxygen and carbon dioxide

The carbon dioxide traveling back to the lungs

The carbon dioxide traveling back to the lungs

The carbon dioxide has been exhaled and the oxygen is beginning the return from the lungs to the muscle

The carbon dioxide has been exhaled and the oxygen is beginning the return from the lungs to the muscle

Explorer of the Week September 13th

Congratulations to Dayna Buitron! Dayna started the year giving her all in PE! I could not be more proud of her personal interest in her health and fitness level!

Dayna enjoys riding her bike and eating healthy snacks!
Cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries and melons are just some of her favorite healthy snacks!
Dayna wants to eat healthy and stay active to be healthy throughout her life!

Way to inspire us all DAYNA!


4X4 Fitness!

When you here 4×4 you may think of multiplication or you may think of a jacked up pick-up truck! Today 4×4 Fitness is taking an activity format that the students already know and multiplying it by 4!

Four corner fitness is an activity that we use for a complete workout or as a quick warm-up. Today we are taking it up 4 notches! Our gym has four square courts painted at each corner of the gym. We are using those four square courts for each component of fitness. Each square on the 4 square court represents an exercise that works that component of fitness. Each component of fitness has 4 possible exercises. Four corners X four exercises= one great workout!

Our objective today is to review each component of fitness and how we can work our bodies to improve that component. We just completed fitness testing, with this activity the students will begin to find ways that they can improve those scores with simple exercises that they can complete at home even without equipment!

Be watching for photos of the students working out in the 4X4 Fitness Workout!


Each class has been measured and weight for body composition. We will be working through each of the other test this week. Testing for all grades will be done Friday, first grade by next Wednesday!

We will be working through the PACER test the first part of the week and finishing up any other tests by Friday! So far the kids have been doing a great job of following directions and testing protocols, making testing go quickly!


Muscle Mayham

Jumping in to some serious muscle work here at Lewis and Clark! Explorers will be doing a 6 station workout. Our focus will be on working to the best of our ability and working safe! Citizenship will be at the fore front of our lesson. “If you knock it over, fix it”, “leave it better than you found it”, “if we are going to do it, we are going to do it right.”

We will be working at different levels- high, medium and low. We will be working our core muscles in all stations- learning the the core is engaged in everything that we do!

The following photos have a few Explorers demonstrating how to do each station!