4X4 Fitness!

When you here 4×4 you may think of multiplication or you may think of a jacked up pick-up truck! Today 4×4 Fitness is taking an activity format that the students already know and multiplying it by 4!

Four corner fitness is an activity that we use for a complete workout or as a quick warm-up. Today we are taking it up 4 notches! Our gym has four square courts painted at each corner of the gym. We are using those four square courts for each component of fitness. Each square on the 4 square court represents an exercise that works that component of fitness. Each component of fitness has 4 possible exercises. Four corners X four exercises= one great workout!

Our objective today is to review each component of fitness and how we can work our bodies to improve that component. We just completed fitness testing, with this activity the students will begin to find ways that they can improve those scores with simple exercises that they can complete at home even without equipment!

Be watching for photos of the students working out in the 4X4 Fitness Workout!

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