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Tag Ball

Cardio and team work anyone?
Two teams, one in the out field, the other behind the home line divided into two lines. A base is placed 50 feet out in the play area. The running team stands behind the home line waiting for their turn to run. The object of the activity is for two runners to run down around the cone and return across the home line without being tagged. The fielding team collects the tag ball after the teacher through it into play. They work as a team to pass and chase to tag the runners with the ball. In PE “tag” is touch. Once touched with a ball that is a signal to the next runner in line to “GO”. When a runner returns to the home line, scoring a point for their team, that is the other signal for a runner to go.
Always two runners!!

What a great team building activity and and a cardio event!






Team Fit Workout

Last week students were randomly placed on teams. They then chose their team name from a list of adjectives and animals. Today students were given a record sheet and a pencil. Instructions were given, do as many sit ups, push ups or plank hold, sit and reach and jogging. They record their individual score on the paper. The objective is to collect as many repetitions as possible by the end of the class time. They scores will be combined with their team mates and they will rank themselves as a team.