Learn the Thriller Line Dance

Incentive Day

Living Active

A good friend of mine recently told me that some of the best advice they ever received was to make sure that you always had your objective in mind. “Don’t lost sight of your objective,” they said to me. It seems very simple, but you might be surprised how hard it is to stay true to your objective.

Livingactive.me has not been a consistent blog. As a result, the objective of the blog has been inconsistent.

The objective of Livingactive.me is to create smiles, provoke thought, and inspire movement in people.

Some of the posts on Livingactive.me have focused on the objective more than others. This post has a meaning that directly correlates with the objective of Livingactive.me.

This post exists because of people reaching out and asking for it. Not just one or two, or even a few…but a bunch of people. The people that reached out were all teachers, and…

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The Thrill of Life

A dance to get you up and moving!

Living Active

This is a simple version of the song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson  that I created about three years ago. It is a line dance. Without further delay, here it is. Ms. Denise, I miss you as well, dance on 🙂

Song: Thriller

Artist: Michael Jackson

8 count–>Shoulder Jerk 4 times

8 count–>Cat scratch 4 times

4 count–>Bend over 4 counts

4 count–>Stand up 4 counts

4 count–>Step R, shake shoulders and drag L foot to R, clap over head 4 count

4 count–>Step L, shake shoulders and drag R foot to L, clap over head 4 count

4 count–>Zombie walk R

4 count–>Zombie walk L

4 count–>Zombie walk R

4 count–>Zombie walk L

4 count–>Deal cards R with a 1/4 turn

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