Cooperative group challenge 4th Grade Froemming!


Welcome Back Explorers!

It has been so great to see all the new and returning students to LC!  Starting Monday we will be starting our specials.  I have attached the schedule so students know when to bring their PE

The schedule has changed a bit this year.  We have increase all specials time.  Students will have Music and PE three times a week!  YES  3 times a week!  They students will also have Library and Computers two times a week, increasing from a single class period.

Third grade students will be attending specials in groups. GROUPS YOU WONDER???             I know it is not the traditional classroom teacher method, but with the size of the grade level and the time slots available, breaking the 4 classrooms into 3 equal groups worked wonderfully! Your child will be in Group A, Group B or Group C. On Wednesdays only 1st-2nd and 4th-5th will attend in Group A or Group B.  The groups will be slightly larger but in PE the more the merrier!

Groups have been assigned and will be rolled out later this week.  So for now check out the schedule, prepare your child to wear their sneakers on PE days.  Everyone will be coming to me on Wednesday, but two 3rd grade groups! MORE CLARITY WILL COME when the groups are given to the teachers!

HERE IS TO A GREAT YEAR!! Click on the link below for the years schedule

2016-17 PE schedule