Jump Rope at LC!

LC learners have been working on their jump rope skills!  Jump rope is a great activity to increase cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular endurance!

Learners at all levels were working on jump rope working through a skill series at their own level.  Some students were introduced to jump rope for their very first time and some we taking on advanced footwork skills.  All learners spent time each class period working on jumps in  a row without a miss. Every miss they started over at zero and worked to be their personal best.  Students demonstrated persistence while working to achieve each new personal best!  Jumps clubs were posted on the wall to encourage each jumper to continue to work towards a goal.  All learners engaged fully in each lesson, sharing out their accomplishments.  Jumpers also supported their fellow classmates encouraging them and sharing their knowledge to assist in helping them develop challenging skills or overcoming obstacles.Thursday and Friday students were able to record their name on the jump club that corresponded with their personal best.  At the conclusion of class we then took a picture in front of the jump club they signed.  The picture is a clear visual representation of the fractions of learners who met the different jump club levels. We called it a living bar graph!  The jump club posters will hang in the hall through Christmas Vacation.  The students at Lewis and Clark do a superior job on their jump rope technique and I am always thrilled at what they are able to accomplish over the course of a two week period.  We will continue throughout the year to pull jump ropes out and use them in our fitness units. 

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