Responsible LC LEARNERS


LC learners have been demonstrating ownership and responsibility on their PE days! At LC we have our learner and behavior matrix.  Ownership and responsibility are the two traits I would love to recognize our learners for doing such a superior job on!
I wanted to recognize all the LC learners who have been wearing their boots outside, yet coming prepared for each PE lesson! In the winter conditions we are currently having, ice, snow big pools of water- boots are a must in keeping the feet dry and comfortable in the long school day.  We have very few students throughout the school, K-5, who are forgetting to bring their PE shoes!  Please continue to support your child in remembering their gym shoes!  Numerous kiddos have opted to leave their shoes in their classroom to ensure they have their shoes on the appropriate days!
I highly encourage boots be worn this time of year, but of course want them to be able to gain the benefits of participating in their PE lessons!!
THANKS LC learners for being responsible and taking ownership over your learning!!
Photo credits- Mrs. Cerreta’s First Grade class- they come in from lunch recess straight to PE and drop their shoes off before they sit down for their delicious lunch!shoe-responsibility

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