LC LEARNERS have been earning tracker tokens for walking and jogging the track.  Eight laps are equivalent to one mile on the track. When the first mile has been accomplished the student earns a foot tracker for their LC necklace.  Each 5 mile increment after that first mile earn a number token!  At 25 miles a t-shirt mileage tracker token is earned, a shoes to color for the bulletin board and the 25 mile tracker!  A special LC TRACKER T-SHIRT will be added to the awards when our first student reaches the 25 mile mark.

We also have a grade level competition this semester.  The top mileage class at each grade level will earn the Penguin Tracker Token for January and the GOLDEN SHOE TROPHY. The trophy will remain in their class for the month of February when the mileage will be calculated again.

A quarterly award of a GIANT FOOT will be awarded to the class in the school with the most mileage for the 3rd quarter!  The contest will restart for the 4th quarter!

GUEST TRACKER TOKENS!  If you come and walk with your LC LEARNER during lunch you earn double miles for the class total!  The student will earn a guest walker token to put on their necklace! We ask that you sign in at the office and get a visitor sticker any time you come to walk!

We are well over 1,000 miles as a school starting into the second semester!  WAY TO GO LC TRACKERS!