About Us

Lewis and Clark’s mission is to instill in all students the deisre for success, life-long learning and a respectful attitude. Our goal is for all of our students to graduate from high school.  Lewis and Clark provides a strong academic foundation for our students to build on as they move to the middle and high school. 

We highly value parent involvement in the educational process.  Whether it is the volunteers running the PTO or the parents in the cross walks, we can not do it without them.  THANK YOU PARENT VOLUNTEERS!

The Explorer PTO is an amazing collection of parents who work tirelessly to ensure that our students and teachers have the items needed to create the most positive and fun environment for all students. We can not thank these parents enough for volunteering their time for the students!  WE LOVE OUR PTO!

Lewis and Clark also provides students the opportunity to excel not only in the classroom, but in the specials area as well.  PE, Music, Library and Computers, are the specials that are offered, with phenomenal staff teaching in each of those areas. 

Our focus at Lewis and Clark is on the student!  Building relationships that surpass the years they spend with us here, dedicating oursleves to supporting them throughout their entire academic career.  Lewis and Clark is only the beginning for our students, and the sky is the limit for each of them!


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