EVERY FRIDAY is a CALDWELL spirit day.  Friday only.  (Not Thursday in the event of a short week.)
Although we will have college days RANDOMLY throughout the year, these will be announced and promoted by classroom teachers and school staff!  PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD IN COLLEGE GEAR ON FRIDAYS!
ANY Caldwell school district shirt/jersey/sweatshirt is allowed on these days.  Students do not need to wear a collared shirt under these shirts or jerseys.
ANY Caldwell team gear is allowed on this day. It must say Caldwell on the shirt or jersey. For example, if they play for the Caldwell PAL football team, and they have a red jersey that says “Caldwell” on it, they may wear that without wearing a collar underneath.
TOPS Only.  No sweats, hats, face paint or exercise shorts.
Showing our Caldwell pride is a great way of growing a strong community here at school!  Find your favorite CALDWELL gear and wear it proudly on FRIDAYS!
I have seen shirts representing community youth baseball, football, soccer, as well, Syringa Panthers, Jefferson and Caldwell High Cougars!
To BE continued…

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