Class of the week!

Mrs. Martindale’s 2nd grade class captured the title of CLASS OF THE WEEK!
They attacked Speedway fitness, answered higher order questions, showed respect, determination and SWEAT!!! Way to go Mrs. Martindale’s peeps!!!! So proud of you ALL!!!!




Class of the Week- Mrs. Ward’sFirst Grade!!

Mrs. Ward’s class easily gave the evidence to prove they had just completed a cardio respiratory activity…. They knew the difference between muscular strength and muscular endurance….and they participated in our sham battle fitness like pros! They were kind and respectful, they followed all rules with integrity and the intensity level was top notch!

I am so proud of this 1st grade class! Way to go!!!




Class of the WEEK!!

Ms. Silveria’s class showed top notch cooperation skills the last few weeks and especially today during our long rope jumping! With a large class like they have, it was great to see cooperation, teamwork, support and fun being had by all! Way to go Ms. Silveria for creating a fabulous classroom climate!! So very proud of this class and how hard they have worked to be high achieves:)