Archived PE Explorers

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Week 1 Explorer of the WEEK is…… Katie-

She put out an extraordinary effort on her PACER TEST this week!  Katie has amazing  endurance!  I am so proud of her dedication to her health and fitness.  She is a great role model to all that she encounters!  THANK YOU KATIE for your amazing contributions here at Lewis and Clark!  I am so proud of you!

Week 2 Explorer of the Week is …. Sedrick!

I am so proud of how hard Sedrick worked on his PACER test scoring as high as two grade levels above him!  He focused on the task and put out an amazing effort!  Thank you Sedrick for being a role model for others!  Keep working hard and you will end up in the stars buddy!  NICE JOB!!

Week 3 Explorer of the Week is…. Oscar!!

He has worked extremely hard to be a role model for his peers!  Oscar comes to class ready every day to show his knowledge and share his passion for being active.  I appreciate how hard he works to improve his physical skills in and out of PE!  Thank  You Oscar for all of your hard work and determination!  I know I can always count on you to be a shining star!

Week 4 Explorer of the Week is… Christian!! ( PHOTO TO COME)

Christian is a great addition to our 4th grade! He comes to PE ready to give 110% not only to improve his fitness level, but to help others improve as well!  He is a very positive, respectful and motivated young man who we are most certainly thrilled to have here at Lewis and Clark.!! I appreciate his positive attitude and the smile he brings to class!  Keep working hard Christian, you are an amazing Explorer!!

Week 5 Explorer of the Week is…. Ezra!

Ezra has worked very hard during PE!  He brings with him enthusiasm for being physically fit and active!  He is able to work on his own skills while involving members of his class that are still trying to develop a skill.  I am very proud of Ezra and how he is working in PE!  THANK YOU EZRA for always being a positive role model for your class!!  YOU ARE A PLEASURE TO TEACH!!

Week 6 Explorer of the Week is…. Manuel!

Manuel has been working really hard not only to stay physically fit, but to acquire some academic knowledge during PE time!  He is highly engaged when we cover the bones and muscles, and is always ready to give an answer to a question.  I am very proud of Manuel and how hard he works during PE!  Keep being a great role model for your classmates MANUEL!!  WAY TO GO!!

Week 9 Explorer of the Week is…. Merlin!!! (photo to come)

Merlin has really taken an interest in learning the muscles and bones of the body the past few weeks!  I am really impressed on how he can not only pronounce sternocleidomastoid, but that he knows it’s location and actions!!  He has inspired his classmates to be on their toes during that part of the lessons, and has just been working so hard to make great choices and be active!!  KEEP IT UP MERLIN!!

Week 10: Explorer of the Week is…. Tori Moore!!!

TORI is a fantastic young lady!  She has worked very hard on her physical fitness, and her skill development during her PE time.  Tori has a soft heart for others, and gives of herself to help others to improve at their own rate.  She has mentored a fellow school mate during PE time, bring a smile to his face each and every class period.  I appreciate her time, and ability to connect with him!  The trust she has developed with the student has helped the student learn to try new things!  THANKS TORI!

Week 11 Explorer of the Week is… Rebecca Barnet!!!

Rebecca is a pleasure to teach!  Rebecca has given of herself to make the world a better place.  She is a kind and respectful young lady who cares for others.   She  is able to challenge herself to improve her skills while supporting others. She has taken it upon herself to help a fellow school mate with special needs during her PE time.  It has made a huge impact on the both of them.

Week 12 Explorer of the Week is…. Karson Christie!!

Karson adds a lot to our PE climate here in  the gym!  He has a special personality making people smile or laugh!  He has put forth  great effort in improving his skills in PE and supporting his peers along the way.  I am very proud of Karson and all that he has accomplished in PE!  He has great rhythm and timing which will serve him well throughout his life in whatever he takes on!!

Week 13 Explorer of the Week is… Jose Zapata!!

Jose shows great hand-eye coordination during our racquet unit.  He was able to do quite quickly the tasks asked of him.  He has been a great support and help to his peers.  Jose was willing to help those who came late to class with the objectives for the day and the tasks we were to accomplish!  I was impressed once again with his ability to explain items to his peers and support them in being successful! It has been a pleasure teaching Jose!


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