Fitness Testing

The Caldwell School District participated in a  three year PEP grant 2010-2012. The PEP grant’s purpose is to promote a health and well being of every CSD student.  Wellness is defined as a condition of good physical, emotional, social, and mental health. These characteristics gained and maintained through healthy amounts of exercise, proper diet, and good habits. Beginning in the first grade, all Explorers take part in  pre and post fitness and knowledge based testing.

At Lewis and Clark Elementary all students grades 1-5 are fitness tested in the fall and again in the spring.  The pre-test gives the opportunity for the student to see their current fitness level and allows the teacher the ability to adjust instruction based on the data.  Using the data collected the teacher and students are able to work together to create goals  for the student to strive toward during each PE class the student attend throughout the school year.  The data not only provides knowledge for individual student instruction, but also helps determine instruction of grade levels and the school as a whole.

The post-test in the spring gives the students the opportunity to shine!   The spring post-test provides students the ability to demonstrate how hard they have worked to improve their fitness level in each area.  As their teacher, I find this time of year to be especially exciting!  The students become a great support to one another throughout the year on completing the tasks put before them.  Watching students high five each other, pat their partner on the back and say good job or cheer each other on during the running test, brings me great pride in the work we have put in throughout the year in our PE classes!

It is exciting for me as their teacher to provide fun lessons that challenge the students, and watch them conquer these challenges, gaining valuable confidence and fitness along the way.

Below are the 5 components of fitness with the assessment used to assess students current fitness level based on National Standards:

Cardiorespiratory Endurance- PACER TEST: running test with cadence

Muscular Endurance- Curl-up test (sit-ups): one minute timed test

Muscular Strength- Push-up test: push-ups until failure

Flexibility- Sit and Reach test: 

Body Composition- Height and Weight: (Body Mass Index or BMI)


2 thoughts on “Fitness Testing

  1. awesome i loved being at lewis and clark tear tear idk if u will know who i am but i was here since kindergarten and now im going to jefferson woo-hoo

    • nice email… I would know you if you would have sent your name! AND we have only a few L&C teachers left.. tear tear… a lot of new faces! STOP BY SOME time and say hello!

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