ALL learners grades 1-5 have PE on WEDNESDAY, Group C 3rd grade does not.

COME PREPARED 3 days a week with gym shoes to increase your skills and YOUR FITNESS LEVEL!!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:05-9:35 3rd Group C 3rd Group B 3rd Group B 3rd Group A
9:35-10:05 3rd Group A 3rd Group C 3rd Group A 3rd Group B 3rd Group C
10:15-10:45 K- Painton 5th- Cho 5th Group B K- Guy 5th- Cho
10:45-11:15 5th- Barnish 5th- Beck 5th Group A 5th-Barnish 5th- Beck
12:20-12:50 1st-Cerreta 1st-Adams 1st – Group B 1st-Cerreta 1st-Adams
12:50-1:20 1st Kuntz 1st – Group A K-Guy 1st- Kuntz
1:20-1:50 2nd- Hill 2nd Group B 2nd- Lesch 2nd- Hill
1:50-2:20 2nd- Lesch 2nd Constantine 2nd Group A 2nd Constantine
2:30-3:00 4th- Froemming 4th-Smith 4th Group B 4th-Smith
3:00-3:30 4th-Trowbridge 4th Group A 4th- Froemming 4th-Trowbridge