2013-2014 school year we have become a peanut free school here at Lewis & Clark. We have an Explorer who is deathly allergic to peanuts! What a scary thing to have to live with as a child, but as a parent of a child with this allergy- it must be even more frightening! So, we as Explorers are doing our part to ensure that this Explorer is SAFE while attending school at Lewis and Clark.

As parents we hear the school is PEANUT FREE, we think well how does this impact what I send to school with my child. It is quite simple, if the product has peanuts in it, it is not safe to bring to school. Now the tricky thing is that manufactures list peanut proteins on the package- I call them hidden peanuts. I would have never known until I read the list of “other names” that peanuts were in certain products. I am including that list here, but it is also available at our school office or on our school website.

Something to keep in mind- with this peanut allergy it does not need to be consumed for the reaction to occur- in the case we are talking about it only needs to contact the child’s skin for the reaction to take place! So if a child has peanut butter does not wash their hands, uses a drinking fountain and then this Explorer touches that same drinking fountain, the reaction may take place.

I am also including a “booklet” from a site called It gives all of us parents safe things to include in our child’s lunch.

A small change by us could ultimately save a child’s life! More to come on food allergies as the year progresses!!


snacklist snack safely

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