10 Word Choices That Smart Athletes (and Their Parents and Coaches) Make to be the Best of the Best


words have power

A few weeks ago, I was counseling parents of an athlete at my gym. According to the parents, the daughter was considering “quitting” gymnastics because she believed that she was “sacrificing” too much to do gymnastics.

“What do you mean by your daughter is sacrificing?” I asked.

“I mean she sacrifices so much. You know, normal teenage things like time with friends and Saturday afternoons at the mall,” one parent explained.

“Well,” I responded thoughtfully, “I don’t know that I would use the word ‘sacrifice’ to describe your daughter’s choice in how she is spending her time.”

“Oh, whatever, it’s just words,” the other parent insisted.

But here’s the thing: it is not just words.

Words are how people think. So, the words we choose are critical in shaping how we think about our lives.

Additionally, when we use words that represent concepts like “quitting” or “sacrificing” the words we…

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