Responsible LC LEARNERS


LC learners have been demonstrating ownership and responsibility on their PE days! At LC we have our learner and behavior matrix.  Ownership and responsibility are the two traits I would love to recognize our learners for doing such a superior job on!
I wanted to recognize all the LC learners who have been wearing their boots outside, yet coming prepared for each PE lesson! In the winter conditions we are currently having, ice, snow big pools of water- boots are a must in keeping the feet dry and comfortable in the long school day.  We have very few students throughout the school, K-5, who are forgetting to bring their PE shoes!  Please continue to support your child in remembering their gym shoes!  Numerous kiddos have opted to leave their shoes in their classroom to ensure they have their shoes on the appropriate days!
I highly encourage boots be worn this time of year, but of course want them to be able to gain the benefits of participating in their PE lessons!!
THANKS LC learners for being responsible and taking ownership over your learning!!
Photo credits- Mrs. Cerreta’s First Grade class- they come in from lunch recess straight to PE and drop their shoes off before they sit down for their delicious lunch!shoe-responsibility

Jump Rope at LC!

LC learners have been working on their jump rope skills!  Jump rope is a great activity to increase cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular endurance!

Learners at all levels were working on jump rope working through a skill series at their own level.  Some students were introduced to jump rope for their very first time and some we taking on advanced footwork skills.  All learners spent time each class period working on jumps in  a row without a miss. Every miss they started over at zero and worked to be their personal best.  Students demonstrated persistence while working to achieve each new personal best!  Jumps clubs were posted on the wall to encourage each jumper to continue to work towards a goal.  All learners engaged fully in each lesson, sharing out their accomplishments.  Jumpers also supported their fellow classmates encouraging them and sharing their knowledge to assist in helping them develop challenging skills or overcoming obstacles.Thursday and Friday students were able to record their name on the jump club that corresponded with their personal best.  At the conclusion of class we then took a picture in front of the jump club they signed.  The picture is a clear visual representation of the fractions of learners who met the different jump club levels. We called it a living bar graph!  The jump club posters will hang in the hall through Christmas Vacation.  The students at Lewis and Clark do a superior job on their jump rope technique and I am always thrilled at what they are able to accomplish over the course of a two week period.  We will continue throughout the year to pull jump ropes out and use them in our fitness units. 

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Welcome Back Explorers!

It has been so great to see all the new and returning students to LC!  Starting Monday we will be starting our specials.  I have attached the schedule so students know when to bring their PE

The schedule has changed a bit this year.  We have increase all specials time.  Students will have Music and PE three times a week!  YES  3 times a week!  They students will also have Library and Computers two times a week, increasing from a single class period.

Third grade students will be attending specials in groups. GROUPS YOU WONDER???             I know it is not the traditional classroom teacher method, but with the size of the grade level and the time slots available, breaking the 4 classrooms into 3 equal groups worked wonderfully! Your child will be in Group A, Group B or Group C. On Wednesdays only 1st-2nd and 4th-5th will attend in Group A or Group B.  The groups will be slightly larger but in PE the more the merrier!

Groups have been assigned and will be rolled out later this week.  So for now check out the schedule, prepare your child to wear their sneakers on PE days.  Everyone will be coming to me on Wednesday, but two 3rd grade groups! MORE CLARITY WILL COME when the groups are given to the teachers!

HERE IS TO A GREAT YEAR!! Click on the link below for the years schedule

2016-17 PE schedule


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The objective of is to create smiles, provoke thought, and inspire movement in people.

Some of the posts on have focused on the objective more than others. This post has a meaning that directly correlates with the objective of

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