PE Schedule

Be sure to wear your gym shoes on your PE days!

Monday and Thursday: Mizuta, Jetson, Lacey, McConnell, Guy, Ashcraft, Doxtator, Villanueva, Cerreta

Tuesday and Friday: Wilson, Melton, Stith, Osterhout, Willard, Small, Yizar, Davis, Youssefian

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Hands on Activities

Check out the engaging activities to try out at home!!

Hands-On Activities for Families

Email Mrs. Adams pictures of the activities you complete, and with family approval those photos could appear right here on the post to inspire other families to give them a try! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your photos! Email me at HAVE FUN!

Welcome Back to LC PE 20-21

I am excited for the 20-21 school year!

Virtual learning is underway and PE starts on Monday, August 31st! Teachers have built time into the daily schedule for you to engage in PE! Just know that engaging your body helps engage your brain! Take time to get up and move and give your eyes, brain and body a break from the screen! Your PE lesson is posted in the google classroom, specifically your grade level specials classroom. Example 1st Grade Specials or 5th grade Specials within the google classroom.

Codes and links have been sent out OR an invitation has been sent for you to join!

At the top of the Specials google classroom select CLASSWORK. It will open with all 4 specials listed. Assignments will be under each specials tab.

A welcome video is currently available for you to watch and a lesson is set to be posted at 8 am Monday the 31st!

I am here to help, reach out if you need support, use my school email to reach me!

25 Ways to Get Moving at Home: The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has created a fun infographic to help get you moving! The links below are provided in English and Spanish! Have fun get up and moving.

Spanish Version Get Moving at Home

English Version Get Moving at Home


Having Trouble with the pictures, here is the text from the infographic!

25 Ways to Get Kids Moving at Home

  1. Run in place for 30 seconds
  2. Dance party for 1 minute
  3. Stand up and sit down 10 times
  4. Read standing up
  5. Hot lave! Keep a balloon in the air without touching the ground (make it harder by only using heads or elbows
  6. Jumping Jacks
  7. Do the hokey pokey
  8. See how many squats you can do in 15 seconds
  9. Stand up, touch your toes
  10. Wall sit while reading
  11. One-minute yoga
  12. Stretch your hands high over your head
  13. Arm circles forward for 30 seconds, arm circles backward for 30 seconds
  14. 10 frog jumps
  15. Standing mountain climbers for 30 seconds
  16. Stand on one leg, put your hands up, put your hands out to the side
  17. 5 lunges on the right leg, 5 lunges on the left leg
  18. Practice spelling, do a squat for every vowel
  19. Run in place for 30 seconds, check your heart rate
  20. Practice spelling by doing a jumping jack for each letter
  21. 30-second plank
  22. Practice math problems, do a jumping jack every time the answer is an even number
  23. 20 leg lifts
  24. Ball-toss spelling practice. Toss the ball and say a letter then toss the ball to someone else to say the next letter
  25. High knees for 30 seconds