Welcome BACK Explorers!

I am thrilled for the Fall of 2013 to be here! The summer was full of fun and adventures with the family, now that school is upon us, I am totally excited to see what this school year holds for all of us!

Be sure to swing by and say hello at meet the teacher! We will have a lot of new faces at school, so be sure to be great role models on what we expect Explorers to be! Lend a helping hand and be ready to welcome the new students to our school, introduce yourself to a new face, offer your services as a tour guide! You are the best students here in Caldwell, so lets greet every new face with a smile and a hello!

WE have a lot of new faces in front of the classrooms too….5 new teachers and a new librarian as well. I will be snapping photos and posting a little bit about each of the new teachers so we can all get to know them better!


SECRET WORD for meet the teacher night- KINDNESS!!! (swing by for a silly band)

Welcome BACK!

Welcome BACK!