Student comments on No Dribble Basketball!

We applied our jump stop, pivot, passing, shooting and cooperation to a game of no dribble basketball! The older kids loved playing on the lowered rims! Our shot percentage went way up! Her is one class’ take on the game!

“This activity makes you sweat really bad, but it is fun!”- Anthony
“This is one of the best cardio activities I’ve ever done!”- Josue
“Great to do with friends any day!”- Sidney
“Awesome and fun cardio activity!”- Kimberly
“So awesome!”- Austin
“Fun and good for you!”- Kyle
“Fun way to have a competition!”- Adianna
“Fun to do with friends!”- Ashlyn
“Great way to be active and have fun!”- Burkley
“Awesome cardio activity, Mrs. Adams rocks!”- Gisselle
“I loved it! A great cardio game!”- Natalia
“Very fun activity to play.”- Dayna
“It is fun.” -Sam
“Very fun activity!”- Kiera

And finally….

“Fun, awesome, insane!”- Spencer

I think I will keep this activity on speed dial when we are needing a quick cardio activity!
Thanks for all of your wonderful comments!


Math in the Middle

“Math in the middle” -an obstacle course combining basketball stations, fitness stations and math stations! The math in the middle refers to the center basketball circle where a variety of math stations have been set up on the inside of the circle.
Students are given a partner. One of the partners is doing the activity station while the other partner is doing math in the middle. At math in the middle students will be holding themselves in plank position while completing a math station.
Math stations include: setting time on clocks, math puzzles, creating the place value line, rolling dice and using math manipulatives to find the answer, math mats and flash cards. Flash cards were either addition or multiplication! Holding plank position while completing the math stations was found to be an intense muscular strength and endurance activity. The photos below will help clarify what each math activity is!

The activity stations around the gym included, dribbling through cones, log rolling or cartwheels down the mats, ball handling, basketball shooting, jump rope and pull ups!

The activity provided an opportunity for teamwork, following directions, responsibility and hard work!
Check out the photos and a pop in special guest!!